Wednesday, July 3, 2013

fly free {whimsy mixed media art journal page}

watercolor crayon, colored pencil, and acrylic paint on plain paper 

p.s.  I've decided to use as a place to share image-only artsy updates. I'll be continuing to write about art + faith + life and more at ♥
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mixed media postcards {#iamTAJ #TAJroadtrip}

making a mess + more #iamtaj #tajroadtrip postcards. yum. #mixedmedia #makemessyart #madecourse

wow. wow. why have I waited so long to search for #secretmessages?? this is glorious and so very free feeling. I'm in love. #iamtaj #tajroadtrip #art #collage #mixedmedia

last ones...for now. ;) #iamtaj #tajroadtrip #madecourse #makemessyart #beautifulmess #mixedmedia

I am having such a good time. #iamtaj #tajroadtrip #secretmessages #mixedmedia #art

for The Art Journaler community's summer postcard project

p.s. I've decided to use as a place to share image-only artsy updates. I'll be continuing to write about art + faith + life and more at ♥
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Monday, July 9, 2012


Thank you so much for visiting Epiphany Art Studio!  My name is Beth, the artist and owner behind it all.  I love to make art because it heals me, and because bringing beautiful things into the world is fun. I try to let my art be honest. Girls with blue hair seem to appear at the end of my paintbrush remarkably often.  I make art in my at-home "studio" -- meaning either at our kitchen table or in the backyard.  You can find the art I have for sale here in my art shop.  This site that you're on is purely dedicated to images of art-in-progress and newly finished pieces.  I write about life, art, faith, and more on my main blog, here.


A little about Epiphany Art Studio . . . 

Epiphany Art Studio's name is very fitting. Discovering mixed media art was truly an epiphany for me. I happened upon art-making while trapped in what seemed to be an unending battle against a seventeen year eating disorder.

One day, I gave up trying to heal myself, and started to learn how to make art. And then -- my eating disorder disappeared. It was gone, and it has stayed gone. I can't say if it was the giving up or God or the art. All I do know is that I am dance-around-the-room grateful and that, for me, art and healing go hand in hand.


Then, in November of 2011, I got a chance to practice living this truth once more when our daughter died. Her name was Eve. The unimaginable loss of our sweet Eve has changed me forever, and continues to change me. One of the few things that has remained constant in my life since the grief descended, however, is art. Only a few days after she died, I picked up my paintbrush and let the art help me grieve.

Barnes & Noble date

I love that out of the very deep pains of life I can create lovely artwork -- that we all can. There is something powerful in being able to see and contribute to the world's beauty, no matter what life's circumstances may be. Much of my artwork revolves around this theme -- of choosing to find the beauty among the ashes.

Star Girl closeup

In addition to a healing theme, my art pieces share other commonalities. I love using watercolor crayons, almost to the exclusion of all other supplies, although acrylic paints make a regular appearance as well. Also, nearly every single one of my pieces incorporates encouraging words or a quote. Some of these quotes come from the Bible, and some from other inspiring sources. There is something about combining art and words that makes my heart sing. Creating a sense of texture in a two-dimensional piece of artwork has the same bliss-inducing effect.

I create because it heals me. I create because it brings me joy. And I share my art and my story because it is my hope that they might bring you joy, comfort, and healing, too.

art journal page -- "free"

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